Parish of Kotara South – Anglican Diocese of Newcastle
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Church of the Good Shepherd
101 Joslin Street
Kotara NSW 2289 

PO Box 241 
Kotara NSW 2289 

Revd Dr Fergus King, 
10 Melissa Ave 
Adamstown Heights NSW 2289

Office: +61 02 4943 0103
Mobile +61 0403 772 431


Said Eucharist (not 1stSun)
  7.30 am
Sung Eucharist
  9.00 am
All Age Service
  5.00 pm
Said Eucharist
10.00 am
Reflection Moment
  • When we start off in life, we look at reality with wonder, but it isn’t the intelligent wonder of the mystics; it’s the formless wonder of the child. Then wonder dies and is replaced by boredom, as we develop language and words and concepts. Then hopefully, if we’re lucky, we’ll return to wonder again. Anthony de Mello
    Awareness: The Perils and Opportunities of Reality

Confirmation Lessons

The videos for these confirmation classes are available to download. Click on the links to “Read More” and the click the title on the video on the new page. This will take you to the VIMEO page for the video. Download instructions are available below the videoshot.

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12 Pentecost & Confirmation 5 2016

12 Pentecost & Confirmation 5 2016

An old saying says that "the rule of faith is the rule of prayer". It actually has a third element, and reads fully, "the rule of faith is the rule of prayer and the rule of right living". Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-16 reminds us how important faith is (count … Read more...

Pentecost 11/Confirmation 4 2016

Pentecost 11/Confirmation 4  2016

Today's  gospel (Luke 12:13-21) prompts a  reflection on choosing God over the material as the basis for a fulfilling life. it also asks us to  choose whether to live in the past, the present or the future. Jean Pierre de Caussade's Sacrament of … Read more...

9 after Pentecost & Confirmation 2 2016

9 after Pentecost & Confirmation 2 2016

Luke 10:38-42 reminds us of the importance of spending time with God and Jesus. But how do we do this. Scripture, tradition, reason and experience all provide valuable resources for getting to know God.   Picture from … Read more...

Confirmation 5 2014

Confirmation 5  2014

We turn our attention now to the God whom Christians claim as theirs. This involves an explanation of the doctrine of the Trinity. This is a doctrine which starts with NT texts, and is the end result of a process which will start from the very … Read more...

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