Parish of Kotara South – Anglican Diocese of Newcastle
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Church of the Good Shepherd
101 Joslin Street
Kotara NSW 2289 

PO Box 241 
Kotara NSW 2289 

Revd Dr Fergus King, 
10 Melissa Ave 
Adamstown Heights NSW 2289

Office: +61 02 4943 0103
Mobile +61 0403 772 431


Said Eucharist (not 1stSun)
  7.30 am
Sung Eucharist
  9.00 am
All Age Service
  5.00 pm
Said Eucharist
10.00 am
Reflection Moment
  • Man has to awaken to wonder – and so perhaps do peoples. Science is a way of sending him to sleep again. Ludwig Wittgenstein
    Culture and Value


Welcome to the sermon archive, Sometimes the article will be text, or a summary, sometimes a video.

Videos which have been posted by the Rector can be downloaded. Click on the title in the video screen, and open the new link to the VIMEO source. You can find instructions for downloading on that page.

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19 after Pentecost 2017

19 after Pentecost 2017 The story of the Golden Calf (Exodus 32) has both a positive and a negative side. on the positive, it shows that great desire which humanity has to find something or someone beyond themselves, so that they can … Read more...

18 after Pentecost 2017

18 after Pentecost 2017 The term "narcissism" is currently popular, in the unfortunately all too common social and political habit of slandering people and name-calling rather than engaging in substantive arguments about issues. It's not a … Read more...

16 after Pentecost 2017

16 after Pentecost 2017 For generations Christian thinkers and writers have recognised that the Exodus story is more than an account of Israel's journey to their promised land. From St Paul onwards, details of the story have been used to … Read more...

15th after Pentecost 2017

15th after Pentecost 2017 Christians are very good at making some behaviour or another the mark of being a "true Christian". In history,denying Christ under persecution, the eucharist, bishops and/or elders, baptism, and women's ordination have … Read more...

13 after Pentecost 2017

13 after Pentecost 2017

No sooner has Peter been praised by Jesus for identifying him correctly at Caesarea Philippi (Matthew 16:13-20) than Matthew's account has him in deep trouble of arguing with Jesus about the potential suffering of the Messiah (Matthew 16:21-27). … Read more...

12 after Pentecost 2017

12 after Pentecost 2017

Peter's confession at Caesarea Philippi (Matthew 16:13-20) asks a question of us: Who do we say that Jesus is? Answers which would describe his as a great teacher (Mahatma Gandhi) or prophet (Islam) sound good, but fail to do full justice. C.S. … Read more...

11 after Pentecost 2017

11 after Pentecost 2017 Jesus' encounter with the Canaanite woman (Matthew 15:21-28) appears brutal, and one that puts him in the position of being corrected. Is this so? reading the passage in the narrative flow of the gospel suggests that … Read more...

8 after Pentecost 2017

8 after Pentecost 2017

Romans 8 marks the culmination of one of the apostle Paul's longest and most sustained reflections on the human condition , the need for God, and overcoming the futility of human ability. The argument flows from a recognition of humanity's inability … Read more...

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